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Bio & Statement


Artist Bio

Los Angeles-based wood artist Joshua Alvarez embarked on his artistic journey as a furniture maker, which eventually led him to combine his two passions: wood and music. In the early months of the pandemic in 2020, Alvarez utilized his woodworking expertise to venture into the realm of freehand abstract art. Drawing inspiration from music, his greatest muse, he employs his artistic prowess to give his musical influences a tangible voice through the creation of abstract wood art. Following the completion of his initial collection, Alvarez actively participated in numerous art fairs and shows during his first two years as an artist. Reflecting on his artistic process, Alvarez remarked, “One day, it struck me that I could unite wood and music in a fresh and abstract way. Each piece I create is directly influenced by the music resonating in my workshop, resulting in dynamic art that evokes profound introspection from viewers, prompting them to question their perception from every angle and in every moment. A signature glossy black finish lends an elegant and audacious presence to each individual piece, simultaneously accentuating the intricate designs.”

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